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Open Data Wales

Local authority workforce

These files contain information about the staff employed by Welsh local authorities. The data was collected from Welsh local authorities and validated by Data Cymru as part of the Workforce Benchmarking data collection.

April 2019 - March 2020

File name Size
Staff profile - working hours and gender.ods 7.97KB Download
Staff profile - working hours.ods 8.58KB Download
Staff profile - workforce reductions.ods 12.16KB Download
Staff profile - salary.ods 8.53KB Download
Staff profile - gender.ods 8.24KB Download
Staff profile - age.ods 9.77KB Download
Staff in post.ods 7.90KB Download
Post structure.ods 7.10KB Download
Strwythur swyddi.ods 6.94KB Download
Proffil staff - rhyw.ods 8.46KB Download
Proffil staff - oriau gwaith a rhyw.xls.ods 7.91KB Download
Staff mewn swydd.ods 8.07KB Download
Proffil staff - oriau gwaith a rhyw.ods 7.91KB Download
Proffil staff - oedran.ods 10.06KB Download
Proffil staff - cyflog.ods 8.71KB Download
Gostyngiad yn y gweithlu.ods 12.51KB Download